Memberships Categories 会员类别

  1. ORDINARY 普通会员
  2. - Annual Fee $128 | 年费 新币$128

    Ordinary membership is open to Bakery and Confectionery professionals in the Bakery industries operating ACRA registered businesses in Singapore. Only one member from an ACRA registered business is qualified for ordinary membership and entitled to vote and hold office in the Executive Committee.

    在新加坡经营且于 ACRA 登记注册面包行业的烘培与西点专业人士均可申请加入普通 会员;一张 ACRA 登记注册之公司行号只提供一个名额申请加入普通会员,或有权申 请成为理事在理事会中投票与任职。

  3. ASSOCIATE 相关行业会员
  4. - Annual Fee $108 | 年费 新币$108

    Associate membership is open to individuals (Chef who currently working for ACRA registered company in Singapore) who do not qualify for ordinary membership. This includes others in bakery and Confectionery related industries. Associate members are not entitled to vote or be elected into the Executive Committee.

    此类会员也开放对于不符合普通会员资格之个人(需为目前在有于新加坡 ACRA 登记 注册之公司的工作人员)。此类会员无权投票或被选入理事会。

  5. CORPORATE 企业会员
  6. - Annual Fee $528 | 年费 新币$528

    Corporate membership is open to baking products related companies with interests in Bakery and Confectionery. Companies can appoint up to 4 nominees to participate in Association events. Please contact us for more information about corporate membership.

    此类会员是开放于营运烘培与西点原料/设备相关行业之公司行号,公司可以指派 (最多 4 名)人员参加公会活动。有关企业会员资格的更多信息,请联系我们。

  7. AFFILIATE MEMBERS (Oversea) 联盟会员(海外)
  8. - Annual Fee $2,888* (minimum 2 years) | 年费 新币$2888(最少 2 年)

    * Event Sponsorship up to $5,000 per year
    Foreign / overseas bakeries and baking products related companies who do not have any operations in Singapore but are interested in tapping into our widely spanned Bakery and Confectionery network, may join as Affiliate Members. Like Associate Members, they enjoy the same benefits but not entitled to voting rights.

    此类会员是对于在新加坡无业务发展的烘培与西点相关行业,但有兴趣于新加坡扩 张业务的海外公司行号/烘培业者所设置。与相关行业会员相同,可享有公会的服务 与受益,但不能参与投票。

  10. - COMPLIMENTARY | 赠阅

    From time to time the Executive Committee may decide to invite individuals as Honorary Members. These distinguished individuals are recognized for directly contributing to the progress of the Bakery and Confectionery Industry in Singapore, and whose achievements serve as a source of inspiration and guidance to members and all Food and Beverage professionals.

    此类会员因对于新加坡烘培与西点行业发展有一定程度的贡献与付出,获得公会理 事会一致认可并邀请担任荣誉会员,进而给予烘培与西点后进提供灵感与指导。